Tree of Life, Bahrain [11 Pics]

Tree of life, bahrain, road sign

Tree of life, bahrain, road sign

The Tree

What Is a Tree?
Well doubtless he
Who dwells in city streets by choice May never know…


The Tree of Life in Bahrain is a remarkable natural phenomenon that is witnessed by most who visit Bahrain. The Tree of Life stands alone with almost majestic flair, miles away from other vegetation and with no apparent source of water. The Tree of Life in Bahrain is a mesquite tree that has grown at the highest point in Bahrain for over 400 years. The mystery of the survival of the tree has made it a legend.
The local inhabitants believe with heart and soul that this was the actual location of the Garden of Eden. The Tree of Life or Sharajat-al-Hayat, as the Arabs call it, is located 1.2 miles or 2 kilometers away from Jebel Dukhan. The tree stands lonely in the heart of desert, on top of a 25-foot-high sandy hill. The tree of life has continued growing-despite the extremities of the climate. At present it is 32 feet in height.
The tree’s source of water is mystery. Plant scientist may say that its roots go very deep and wide to get water from the reserves of sweet springs kilometers away. The Bedouins believe that Enki, the mythical God of water, had showered its blessing.
The pictures below have captions from a poem by -G. THoMAs DUNLOP [11 Pictures]

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Tree of life, bahrain, phone lines

Tree of life, bahrain, phone lines, Photo: Harold Laudeus

.. But souls that breathe expanding life outdoors
Know trees as brothers, friends; and feel aglow
With kindred fellowship and common voice…

Tree of Life, Bahrain

Tree of Life, Bahrain. Photo: Omar Chatriwala

.. Yes, bees do know
And birds have made
The trees their lifelong homes
And what is nearer or more intimately ours than home? ..

Tree of Life, Bahrain, close-up

Tree of Life, Bahrain, close-up photo: Pricey

“.. What is a tree?
The soul of God!

Graffiti on the Tree of Life, Bahrain

Graffiti on the Tree of Life, Bahrain. Photo: Glenn Rose

.. Whose budding leaves and blossoms in the Spring
Bespeak Creation…

Tree of Life, Bahrain

Tree of Life, Bahrain. Photo: Omar Chatriwala

.. Whose shade in Summer cools
The burning heat of life and brings us peace; ..

Man watching desert from under the Tree of Life

Watching desert from under the Tree of Life. Photo:

.. Whose bronzing colors in the Autumn landscape glow
With pride of fruitfulness, God’s bounty, man’s maturity…

Tree of Life, Bahrain stands alone

Tree of Life, Bahrain stands alone. Photo: kollege

.. Whose bare strong arms in Winter steadfast hold
Against- the ice and storms of life when courage sags
When green and sap of youth have lost their bold
Firm power and interest lags…

Evening comes to the Tree of Life, Bahrain

Evening comes to the Tree of Life, Bahrain. Photo: Shane T. McCoy/wikicommons

.. What is a tree?
Oh! Yes, I know! ‘Tis God…

Tree of Life, Bahrain and setting Sun

Tree of Life and the setting Sun. Photo: Harold Laudeus

.. ‘Tis His own way to speak His majesty, ..

Tree of Life, Bahrain at sunset

Tree of Life, Bahrain at sunset. Photo: Alex Europa

.. His voice, His power, His love, His mystery.. ..”


  1. The new RSS feed is a big improvement! Might be best for you, however, to see if you can get one picture to show up in the feed. Might encourage more click-throughs.

  2. I makes we feel young. I have seem many mesquites. One grows behind my house. I have seen some very old ones. I have never seen any remotely like this one.
    It is majestic and beautiful.

  3. Beautiful photos, the true beauty of nature is in the unexpected. Sometimes it is a devastating storm but sometimes it is beauty in life where life should not be. That tree has been there for a long time but nothing grows around it.

    • Yes, probably “lager louts” from Manchester United. I know I’m going to hell.
      Once their I’ll look you up in the lost souls section of having chopped down the
      tree of life.

  4. Maybe the roots are long and the water table just happens to be higher there. It’s a lucky tree to be alive. Plenty of sunshine and all the water it wants.

    • Um Did you read the article… water for miles and miles…. roots would have to be incredibly loooong. I say we go with the Tree Of Life…Lioke Garden of Eden Tree….Feel Me?

  5. I wonder how many briques can be gotten for barbeque purposes.
    Mesquite makes steaks taste so delicious.
    I am surprised that nobody has tried to cash in on this resource.
    I must admit though, the tree look just wonderful to the eyes, when backdropped against the sunset.

  6. I was stationed in Bahrain during the Gulf war. I drove by that tree quite a bit. Yes, it’s strange, but I believe it’s not a mystery. Even though it’s a desert, every single night was very, very humid. The air coming off the gulf would saturate everything. I think the tree just uses this to survive. Also, the rainy season (which, was only four days long) brought lots of rain, lots more than would be expected for a desert region.

    • Yeah, I lived in Bahrain in 1995-96 and used to visit this tree as well. In fact I proposed to my wife at this site, thinking that if this was the original site of the Garden of Eden, it’s where life first began – which was a perfect place for she & I to begin our new life – as husband & wife. She of course accepted. It’s nice to see photos of this place again as it will always hold a special place in our hearts.

      • This is one of the most romantic stories I have ever heard. Long life and prosperity to you and your beautiful wife. Thank you for sharing.

      • I was at the tree of life recently and i was told your story about your proposal darrel and i thought it was throbbing then. When i saw it on here and realised you were teling anyone who would listen you reinforced my opinion you strobing, old, wet thing you!!


        Yours aye,

        Big Boy Sailor x

  7. I would hope that if this tree ever showed signs of dying from lack of water, that someone would water it. It’s a test, God put this tree there and allowed it to survive through all odds, just to see if man realized the significance of the miracle. If we let it ever die, it would mean we have given up the one thing we all need to survival, and that is hope.

  8. To the best of my knowledge, mesquite trees aren’t native to that part of the world. They’re native to the New World. So someone coming back from the New World must have planted it there about 400 years back, yes?

  9. Miles away from vegetation? There are bushes very close that you can clearly see in the pictures. Obviously there is a source of water nearby, it’s not a miracle, its life. Something that exists in even the harshest environments on this and other planets.

    • Hello I believe those are rain bushes, when it rains they grow then they die, I go camping there in camping season and visit this tree( btw no there arent any bedouins, we only believe in one god)

  10. We, too, have been to visit the tree of life as we were there in 1964 – 1968 and then again from 1991 – 1993. It is a miracle that it is still living and growing. The American Mission Hospital in Bahrain has it as its logo. We have mugs of their 100th anniversary celebrated in 2003. Bahrain is a wonderful place with wonderful people. We loved our time there. God is good to have allowed us the privilege of experiencing this wonderful place and yes, the Tree of Life.

  11. jen jan19th 2011.What a truly aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawsome TREE OF LIFE! !!!! The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! Someday I’d like yo go visit the TREE!!

  12. Thank you for the pictures. I always wondered the real name of the tree of life. I would like to paint one. This looks really old, and it may be telling people they can plant here if the dig the well here. It must have an underground system close by. I will also look for the mesquite tree. thank you very much for the comments that are so informative, as always.. God bless this tree.

  13. Soon to be bulldozed to build a casino!

    Biblical scholars take Bahrain’s claim seriously to be the original Garden of Eden. Eastern Arabia has been subjected to geological uplifting of its bedrock, while what is now the northern end of the Persian Gulf has been forced down by the weight of millenia of sediment, plus since the last ice age sea levels have risen substantially. So, in truth, what is today barren desert several millenia ago was verdant grassland and before that probably sub-tropical paradise. Scoff is you must, but perhaps that tree is miraculous. Insha’allah.

  14. I am stunned that there are people in the world who are so idiotic as to sully the beauty of this tree with their graffiti. Shame on them.

    • Don’t worry! Their graffiti has been marked and recorded in their hearts and will be revealed
      before Saint Peter. Hey Saint Pete (who stands off to the right with his hand on the trap door)
      says here this one put graffiti on the tree of life. For Egyptians if I read their sarcafague correctly
      the equivalent of saint peter defers the wanton graffiti artist to an allogator. For the Tree of Life
      its probably dino croc or gator-oid from Sci Fy for the spiritual munch down.

      • An alternative might be for Johnny Depp to appear horse mounted from the base of the tree at the sound of the trumpets and
        off on a mission to collect the heads of the graffiti artists

  15. Is that the tree the kid is pointing to at the end of every episode of “Bones”? (Production company logo)

    He’s saying “What’s that mean?”

  16. This is the tree of life talked about in the Judaic religion as also ” the tree of life”. This is a miracle in the land of God ” ARABIA”, where Moses and the Israelites recieved the commandments and lived for 40 yrs. Some say it is in Egypt…how can it be in Egypt when the Israelites were supposed to have left Egypt via the Sea of Reed ?!!Arabia is promised with many more unheard of miracles. Just a few yrs ago a fountain of sand appeared out of no where, and 5 yrs passed with no explination. It was not made big news cause this is not Good for the Judeo Christian world. The Bible clearly states God came from Teman, and Teman is in Arabia. Jews have a habbit of stealing and supressing information and knowlaege and distorting them to their own inerest. Like Zion, which is nothing to do with Jerusalem but was given to it yrs later by jews to hide the true place of it, infact Zion means a desert land, dry place,..etc nothing to do with Jerusalem which is not a desert . It is the desrts of Arabia. Also the the Valley of Bakka also described in the Bible as dry, desert with wells, and a sanctuary where people go for pilgramage every year, and 2 specific birds live in there….all do not fit the Buca of Israel, but the Bakka of Arabia ( Macca, used to be called Bakka). and fits the exact description…..( look it up)

  17. I was stationed in Bahrain during Desert Storm. Me and other Marines went out to the tree in our desert Trucks. I wondered how many other foreign military before us approached this wonder of the desert fully armed and fighting a war. I am sure this tree has been in the company of armed strangers for the 400 years it has existed. Yet it has not been pillaged or mutilated by those who could just as easily destroyed it. It truly does put you at ease and reflect on not just it’s life but you own…

    • if not from a casino, the tree’s days are still numbered.

      this from the CIA factsheet page:

      Environment – current issues:
      Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
      desertification resulting from the degradation of limited arable land, periods of drought, and dust storms; coastal degradation (damage to coastlines, coral reefs, and sea vegetation) resulting from oil spills and other discharges from large tankers, oil refineries, and distribution stations; lack of freshwater resources (groundwater and seawater are the only sources for all water needs)

  18. I saw this tree up close and personal. It is beautiful and it is out in the middle of nowhere and stands very firmly and independent. In addition, there was a man with trained camels for entertainment. It was a great moment in my life. Some even believe it was in the Garden of Eden.

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