Incredible Icebergs [37 Pics]

Lightning Strikes Iceberg

Lightning Strikes Iceberg
Sony PSP Wallpaper


Icebergs are large pieces of ice that broke off from a snow-formed glacier or an iceshelf. Where a glacier meets the sea, humongous chunks of ice break off from the face of the glacier; this is known as “calving” and this is how many icebergs are “born.” Old icebergs may be hundreds of thousands of years old. Many years of falling snow, consisting of snow crystals by the countless billions, act like tiny mirrors and reflect the light. Some icebergs are also formed by freezing ocean water instead of snow and those areas are full of tiny air bubbles. Beautiful bluish streaks that appear in some icebergs are caused by the refreezing of meltwater that previously filled very old glacier ice crevasses. The very dense, very old ice captures the sun’s light and allows only the high-energy blue wavelengths to escape. The beautiful blue icebergs change color and intensity according to the position of the sun.[ 37 Pictures]

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Killer Whales, a glacier and icebergs

Killer Whales, a glacier and icebergs
The photographer notes, “Two transient orcas make their way through an Alaskan fjord.”Rennett Stowe

Perito Moreno Glacier with icebergs

Perito Moreno Glacier with a backdrop of black mountains.
Perito Moreno is the most beautiful, interesting and, consequently, the most visited glacier in Argentina. Another gorgeous place where icebergs are “born.” Ana_Cotta

River runs under the ice - blue icebergs in the background

River runs under the ice
The photographer notes, “This river came out from under the glacier. The compact blue ice in the background was lit up by the pure sunlight.” Matthew Hoelscher

The Briksdal glacier where chunks break off to form iceburgs

Briksdalsbreen Glacier where icebergs break off
Briksdalsbreen, in Norway, is part of west arm of Jostedalsbreen National Park — Jostedalsbreen is Europe’s largest land glacier. Vicrogo

Antartica where Penguins play on an iceberg made ice island

Antartica where penguins play
Angell Williams

Ice calving at Glaciar Perito Moreno

Ice calving at Glaciar Perito Moreno
Falling icebergs! Christof Berger

See-through iceberg, Beascochea Bay

See-through iceberg, Beascochea Bay Mark Sykes

Colorful iceberg with blue stripe

Colorful iceberg with blue stripe
Jeff McNeill

Colorful iceberg with beautiful blue stripes

Colorful iceberg with beautiful blue stripes
Jeff McNeill

Patagônia - Icebergs

Patagônia – Icebergs Ana_Cotta

Perito Moreno - icebergs falling

Perito Moreno – icebergs falling

Photograph noted, “View from lower trail over 600 meters [over 1,968 feet]down from the top” Matthew Hoelscher

Massive blue-and-white striped iceberg

Massive blue-and-white striped iceberg Jeff McNeill

Magnificently marbled iceberg

Magnificently marbled iceberg Jeff McNeill

Polar bear on sea ice close to Svalbard - the ice island is made from compacted icebergs

Polar bear on sea ice close to Svalbard

The ice island is made from compacted icebergs. Hannes Grobe

Steve Irwin iceberg

Steve Irwin iceberg
John (guano)

Greenland, Blue iceberg

Greenland, Blue iceberg
Jerzy Strzelecki

Iceberg in Newfoundland Canada

Iceberg in Newfoundland Canada
Natalie Lucier

Frozen tidal wave

Frozen tidal wave Hoax Slayer

Greenland melting blue iceberg

Greenland melting blue iceberg HD Wallpaper

Beached iceberg in Tracy Arm, Alaska

Beached iceberg in Tracy Arm, Alaska Jessica Spengler

Assorted Ice bergs Thule Greenland

Assorted Ice bergs Thule GreenlandDrew Avery

blue iceberg with Adelie penguins

Blue iceberg with Adelie penguins
Photographer noted, iceberg with a resting group of Adelie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae); the iceberg consists of blue ice, indicating that this is very old ice from deeper parts of the Antarctic ice sheet. Image was taken in the northern part of the Weddell Sea, Southern Ocean, Antarctica during expedition ANT-VIII/3 of the german research vessel POLARSTERN.
Hannes Grobe

Danmark O, Fohn Fjord, Renodde - iceberg

Danmark O, Fohn Fjord, Renodde – iceberg Rita Willaert

An the blue color

An iceberg…love the blue color Chadica

Blue Tabular Iceberg

Blue Tabular Iceberg michael clarke stuff

debris-striped iceberg

Debris-striped iceberg SwissEduc

Harbor Seal - Alaska iceberg

Harbor Seal – Alaska iceberg Alan Vernon

Iceberg Arch

Iceberg Arch
Iceberg with a hole in the strait between Langø and Sanderson Hope south of Upernavik, Greenland.Kim Hansen

Jokulsarlon, Iceland, icebergs

Jokulsarlon, Iceland, icebergs Chris (Molechaser)

blue iceberg at south polar circle

Blue ice at South Polar circle Antarktika

Small blue iceberg with large white iceberg

Small blue iceberg with large white iceberg michael clarke stuff

Small Penguins - iceberg

Penguins Angell Williams

Iceland icebergs

Iceland icebergs “On the rocks” batintherain

Navigating incredible blue icebergs in Argentine

Navigating incredible blue icebergs in Argentine pululante

Tunel at Glaciar Perito Moreno - icebergs

Tunel at Glaciar Perito Moreno Roger Schultz

iceberg with a hole

Iceberg with a hole
Photographer noted, “Icebergs around Cape York,Greenland. The icebergs are beautiful and display many interesting shapes. You could see the iceberg with a hole at the image. The hole was caused by weathering effects – erosion by waves, wind and melting.”Mila Zinkova


  1. These are some truly incredible pictures. They are worthy of the big picture (the boston globe photo blog)

    We need to preserve these and fight global warming.

    • When u see something beautiful can you just say wow that is amazing and let it take your breathe away? why do you have to immediately say – global warming! global warming! Beep Beep beep! just stop and smell the roses people. What has our world become.. it is SOBERING to think that in modern times people cant enjoy the BEAUTY that;s around them. :/

      • Yes, Natasha, let’s all put our brains in neutral and just absorb, like moss… that’ll fix everything… yes, it’s truly amazing, erm, now what?

      • so true, just don’t think of Global Warming… Think of the beauty around us the roses, flowers, trees, family, and even what can cause us Global Warming caan be beautiful… so only think of the things we like that brigns no harm. 😉

  2. Breathtaking photos! It’s sobering to think that we may not be able to take photos like this in a few generations from now.

    • Of course we will be able to take these kinds of photos. This is one of my greatest problems with global warming, if we (people) are so powerful that our actions have changed our climate irreversibly, why can’t we be just as powerful and come up with a solution?
      How many generations has it been since the industrial revolution? How many generations will it take to come up with a solution to our climate problem?
      If you can believe that man has such great power for destruction, why can’t he have just as great power for the benefit of mankind? On the other hand if mankind isn’t the cause of global warming and its just a natural cycle, are we helpless and under the control of nature?

      • Richard,

        The Earth is a powerful intelligent living organism always finding it’s balance. It’s chills, it warms, it spews, it shakes. All of humanity is like one flea on a dogs back. Stop worrying and let yourself be awed by its beauty.

  3. It’s amazing to me that so many people (including myself) have never seen these amazing icebergs in person—

    I’m surely thankful for the photographs though— absolutely stunning!

    • We saw icebergs while on our Antarctic cruise some years ago, but NOTHING like any of these. Incredible only comes close to describing what I have just seen. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.

  4. Impressionante o tamanho e a magnitude dessas verdadeiras obras de arte da natureza. Porém, ao mesmo tempo vemos que tudo, ironicamente belo, é reflexo do aquecimento global.

    • My favorite color happens to be Blue, but that doesn’t mean I want to TURN blue! I’ll stay on the part of the globe that actually HAS some warming going on. Pretty pictures though.

  5. Wow. So beautiful! And fun to see icebergs from other parts of the world than the familiar Alaskan ones. Thanks. i am concerned for our polar bears!!

  6. It has become fashionable to call the smallest piece of ice that comes off a glacier an “iceberg” — which means “ice mountain.” The little pieces that come off the Perito Moreno glacier and other glaciers hardly qualify as mountains. But some people are easily impressed by even the smallest events.

  7. Too bad Bush, Cheney and Rove melted all the icebergs and killed all the polar bears, penguins, killer whales and seals.


  9. The photos were spectacular, absolutely awesome, I found them to be mind and body relaxing. Thank you very much

  10. Natasha mentioned global warming and others did as well. My thoughts are that there will be global warming,
    but it wont be man made. The bible says that when Christ comes to claim his own, the earth will melt with
    fervent heat. That will be global warming, GOD MADE!!! If anyone likes rhyming poetry with good messages,
    log on my web site. After reading, please sign the guest book as to your thoughts of the poems.

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