July 21, 2011

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  • Extreme Instability, Scary weather and incredible shots [37 pics]

    Extreme Instability: Nebraska Sand Hills Monster Supercell Storm

    Extreme Instability: Nebraska Sand Hills Monster Supercell Storm

    Very intense high precipitation supercell storm moves south in the Nebraska Sand Hills south of Valentine, July 13, 2009. Very low, long and fat inflow cloud stretches east of the storm. Winds gusted upwards of 60+ mph into this storm. Tornado warning with the storm mentioned baseball size hail and winds in excess of 100 mph, a rare warning text indeed. As intense of a storm as it was, it only produced one short-lived small tornado. Traffic heading north up highway 83 would be driving right into the storm’s forward flank downdraft, which contained large hail and intense rain.  Image Credit (and all rights reserved by): extremeinstability.com


    These images simply blew us away (pun intended). These photos a incredible and simply breathtaking. The Photographer, Mike Hollingshead who runs the extremeinstability.com website is a storm chaser that got into photography because video captures weren’t doing things justice. He started chasing in 1999, but has always watched storms around town. He usually drives around 20,000 miles a year just chasing storms, from Texas to North Dakota, Colorado to Indiana. Though more and more he’s satisfied with South Dakota to Oklahoma, Colorado to Iowa.

    He always shoots with a Canon Digital Rebel SLRs. He has a 10-22 EF-s, a 50mm 1.8, and a 100-400L and that is it for lenses. He shoots strictly in RAW.

    He states that “Second to a love of storms, is a love of all other things weather. I love witnessing rare weather and sky scenes, such as atmospheric optics, fog displays from above, ice-storms and blizzards.”

    We are very grateful he has allowed us to present some of his favorite pictures.
    [37 pictures]

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