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Triggerpit.com is the result of our passion for photography and events that makes us go WOW. We will try to cover all that we find and consider grandiose, fascinating, uplifting or even sad. We will do our best to make you think “this is nuts” or “I didn’t know that”. We will also try and cover stories not so easily attained. Like give backstage imagery on moviemaking, concert preparation and other similar events. Among the areas we cover you’ll find: Science, Space Exploration, Nature, Environment, Urban, Urban Decay, Religious Events, Exotic Places, Entertainment and much more.

The idea is to try and post at least 1 to 2 new photo-articles per week.
If you do want to keep an eye on us but don’t want to keep coming back until we post a new piece we suggest you sign up for our RSS feed for larger articles .
In December 2010 we added a Triggerpit Gallery for Single images with shorter stories. The gallery images are not part of the major article feed and instead has its own feed here: Gallery RSS feed

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Please drop us comments, good or bad, we love feedback. You can either use the Contact us page or you can simply drop a comment at the bottom of each article. Note, we are monitoring all comment in the beginning so if you comment doesn’t immediately show up, it’s because we didn’t have time to review it yet.

Thank you for your interest in us.

Marcus the Master Trigger

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