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  1. Could a Sequoia be mistaken for Red Dougles Fir ? We cut several down and they all have a circle around the center core of a reddish, orangish color extending out to about a couple of inches from the edge. Does this mean the tree is soft and unhealthy? or a healthy Fir? or a Sequoia?

  2. Hello
    I would like to use one or two of your images of the Seven Sisters if possible for free for a GoFundMe event for a very worthy cause.The lone woman sponsored walk that will we are organising will take place on the Seven Sisters. Please get back to me asap as the campaign will be launched soon.
    Trish Maccourt

  3. Hello, we are working on a project about climate changes in Eastern Québec and we would really like to use the picture «Earth from the ISS – Gulf of Saint-Lawrence ». What can we do to be able to use it and get it in a high definition ? Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Marie Leblanc

  4. Hello. I am so impressed with the beautiful Jesus statue photos on your site. Can I get permission to use some of them in a Christmas video I am doing for my church? If so, please let me know how. Thanks very much.

  5. When Bethlehem star came out I was supposed to follow it but didn’t have the money so was wondering if you knew who the family was around were it shine down at my story is very nice but my gift of hearing is stressing me out do to that I have it written down along with what God had me writing down i used to be someone in the government but now I don’t have the capability to make the trip or I would have.

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