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UFO Houses

UFO Houses, Ruins of the Future, now just a memory [30 Pics]

1 UFO Houses: Orange Sanzhi Pod City – abandoned two years after it was begun, it lay abandoned for 28 years before finally being torn down.  Up until that time, it was known as the mysterious “ruins of the future”. Photo Credit: Cypherone

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Bikini Atoll Nuclear Explosion

Nuclear Explosions – I am become Death [34 Pics]

1 Nuclear explosion: Operation Crossroads – BAKERTest:Baker; Date:July 24 1946; Operation:Crossroads; Site:Bikini Atoll lagoon, Marshall Islands; Detonation:Underwater, depth – 90ft(27.5m); Yield:23kt; Type:Fission; Second test in the Crossroads operation and the 5th nuclear explosion in the mankind’s history. Baker was the continuation of the study of the nuclear weapon effects on the naval vessels and personnel. […]

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