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Extreme instability

Extreme Instability, Scary weather and incredible shots [37 pics]

1 Extreme Instability: Nebraska Sand Hills Monster Supercell Storm Very intense high precipitation supercell storm moves south in the Nebraska Sand Hills south of Valentine, July 13, 2009. Very low, long and fat inflow cloud stretches east of the storm. Winds gusted upwards of 60+ mph into this storm. Tornado warning with the storm mentioned […]

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ballloon over turkey

Magnificent & Magical Moonscape of Cappadocia, Turkey [24 PICS]

1 Balloon Ride A balloon flying over the fairy chimneys of Goreme – Cappadocia, Turkey by Verity Cridland   Introduction For most of us, Cappadocia looks so foreign that it could be an alien world. But Cappadocia is a region in Turkey with extraordinary natural wonders and moonscape beauty. Ancient volcanoes eroded into hundreds of exceptional fairy […]

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