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Joshua Tree

The fascinating Joshua Tree National Park [34 Pics]

1 Joshua Tree and shadow Joshua Tree is such a surreal place. There’s really nowhere else like it. We had a great time bouldering and exploring during the day, but as the sun started to set, it was time to start playing around with the flash. Photo credit: Adam Brill

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Trees cocooned in spiders webs, an unexpected side effect of the flooding in Sindh, Pakistan

Spiderwebs in Pakistani trees after 2010 floods [9 Pics]

1 Photo credit: Russell Watkins/Department for International Development 2 Floods in Pakistan July/Aug 2010Flood damage in Sukkur in northern Sindh. Photo taken by a DFID humanitarian advisor in the region. An area equivalent to the size of England has been flooded and more than 12.5 million people are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance. DFID […]

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